“If you’re really lucky in this world, you’ll be born in the country and at an early age someone will give you a guitar and you will play it with your fingers that’s what it’s all about."  - Chet Atkins

Parker Hastings is a 23 year old guitarist, singer, and songwriter from Richmond, KY. He began taking guitar lessons at age six and quickly became hooked to the instrument, learning many different styles of music. After several years of dedication to learning the guitar, Parker started performing in front of live audiences and by the time he turned twelve met his hero, Tommy Emmanuel, who has been a mentor and friend. Parker's sound ranges from the stylings and sounds of Steve Wariner, Vince Gill, with a touch of James Taylor, creating a unique style that blends country and Americana music. Parker released his latest album, “Kentucky Sunshine” in summer of 2023 and continues to travel across the country entertaining audiences with his skillful guitar playing, easy to listen to voice, accompanied by a touch of southern charm. He will always mention how proud he is to carry on the tradition of Kentucky thumbpicking as he continues to develop his own sound through his greatest musical influences. Parker is a two-time recipient of the ‘Thumbpicker of the Year” award by the National Thumbpicker’s Hall of Fame, and has won several national guitar competitions. He was also named the 2023 Artist in Residence at the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame in his home state. Now calling Nashville his new home, Parker has played guitar in touring groups such as Dailey & Vincent and some local Nashville bands. Follow him on all social media platforms to see what he's up to, hear him play, and find out where he'll be next!